Diana and Nikolay are the owners and leading videographers at I Love You Films

Meet the Team

Welcome to I Love You Films, where we capture the essence of your special day with a touch of cinematic magic! We are Diana and Nikolay, the heart and soul behind the lens at I Love You Films. Our journey into the world of wedding videography is as unique and personal as the love stories we film.

Five years ago, we embarked on our own love story, choosing to unite our lives through a micro elopement. It was intimate, beautiful, and perfect for us. However, as time passed, we realized something was missing – the love word that were said on the day. While our wedding was small, the absence of a vows and speeches left us longing for those captured moments.

This realization was a turning point for Diana. Fueled by the wish to fill this void in our own memories, she embarked on a journey to become a wedding videographer (apart from being a commercial photographer for 10+ years). Her passion wasn’t just about capturing videos. It was about seizing emotions, smiles, tears, and all the unsaid words. It was about creating a timeless story that couples could relive for years to come.

At I Love You Films, we understand the profound importance of your wedding day. We know that every couple has a unique story to tell, and we are committed to capturing it in the most authentic and beautiful way possible. Our style is a blend of candid and thoughtfully composed shots, ensuring that we capture both the grandeur and the subtle nuances of your special day.

We believe in the power of love and the magic of moments. Let us be the ones to capture your day, your way. With I Love You Films, your love story becomes an eternal keepsake, a cinematic tribute to your journey together.

Let’s make memories that last forever.

With love,
Diana and Nikolay

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