Blue Mountains Backyard Wedding Video for David & Natalie

drone video shot of a backyard wedding in Blue Mountains

Once upon a time in a cozy corner of their beloved home, David and Natalie embarked on an ambitious journey to create the most personal and enchanting DIY backyard wedding. A true testament to their love and creativity that we captured and edited in a Blue Mountains beautiful backyard wedding video.

In the months leading up to their special day, the couple scoured the city, collecting an array of vintage furniture pieces. Each chair, table, and lamp held stories of the past, and now, they were to become part of David and Natalie’s future. Their parents’ garage transformed into a treasure trove of these finds, bursting at the seams with the weight of memories and wood. With care and patience, David and Natalie restored each piece. Their hands working tirelessly to steam and clean, bringing back the luster of the lush velvet fabric that adorned their vintage collection.

David, with his skilled hands and a heart full of passion, took on a project close to his heart. In the heart of their backyard, he crafted an arch and guest seats from local hardwood logs. Each log was chosen with purpose, representing the strength and resilience of their relationship.

Natalie, the artistic soul of the duo, immersed herself in decorating. Her vision brought life to every corner of the backyard. Flowers cascaded from Combi Van, all around the tables, and the most beautiful bridal bouquets. Her masterpiece, however, was the coloring pictures of her and David’s on adventures she designed for the children. Ensuring that joy and creativity were part of their celebration.

"When we celebrated our marriage, signed our names, danced the night away and had soft and close moments with Daisy and friends Diana and Nikolay were there to capture every single moment of our Blue Mountains Backyard Wedding on video to cherish forever."

As the autumn sun dipped below the horizon, the backyard wedding transformed into a magical space. Fire pits flickered around the marquee, casting a warm glow that fought back the autumn chill of The Blue Mountains. A massive chess game awaited strategists, while endless fairy-lights twinkled, mirroring the stars above.

The most unexpected surprise came from their parents. As the reception began, the air filled with the vibrant beats of traditional Lebanese drummers, their rhythm echoing the beating hearts of the newlyweds.

It was a beautiful autumn day, where the cold outside was no match for the warmth of love that enveloped David and Natalie. Their DIY backyard wedding was not just a celebration of their union, but a showcase of their journey, talents, and the unbreakable bond they shared.

And so, under the autumn sky, amidst laughter and love, David and Natalie danced into their future, surrounded by the beauty of what their hands and hearts had created. This was more than a wedding. It was a festival of love, a testament to their journey together, and the beginning of a lifetime of shared dreams and adventures.

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Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?

Photos are a powerful medium they capture a frame of a memory forever. But in between each of those photos are moments and energy and movement and thoughts that can only be captured by video – many of which float freely between me and Natalie. I feel that video has the power to embody the emotional energy between us and a space, and between the moments prior, and the moments to come.

Why did you pick I Love You Films as your Blue Mountains wedding videographer?

I Love You Films has a beautiful gallery of work, including some of us, that focuses on the moments we really connect with. That’s ultimately what made you guys the choice for our wedding.

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You guys … What do you do? How do you spend your days? What’s important in life?

David works as an Industrial Designer, making products and accessories for Zoomo Bikes. He loves his job, because he loves making things. To relax he likes to eat good food, listen to a podcast, curate his music library whilst listening to soundtracks, and work on his own maker projects separate from work. When he’s tired, he like to lay down and give Stella (his fluffy pup) a good pat. Family is the most important thing in life for David. Each day when he wakes in his new house, and looks over to his future wife and their little pup and is grateful for his little family. Food is what they all enjoy together. They share a deep love for the great outdoors, and their spiritual home: the mountains.

Natalie is a pediatric theatre nurse, who dedicates much of her working days being part of life-changing operations for your children. When she’s not absolutely crushing it in her job and work, she’s usually doodling or drawing incredible art that fills the walls of her surgical theatres (many of which are kept on request by her colleagues), as well as filling up our house. Natalie has a few very impressive talents and qualities about her she possesses the ability to sleep on demand. She plays the piano by ear without sheet music, paints and draws. Her wisdom and ability to hear through the noise of vulnerability makes her an amazing companion. I love her very much.

How did you met? What made you fell in love with each other?

Like some couples, Natalie and I met through a mutual friend, who ended up admitting to trying to set us up. Unlike most couples, we spent out first few weeks dating in the least typical setting expected. We went to the gym 9 days in a row. And eventually we found time to include a few meals and conversations about who we were (or thought we were at the time). What our take on life was, our approach to others and all the big questions.

I fell in love with Natalie because quite quickly it became clear that she was someone who I could see would challenge me in ways I could never have imagined. She possessed a kind and open heart, a clear and rational mind but she never disregarded her inner child. Her honesty and authenticity was like a breathe of fresh air I did not know I was gasping for, but once I breathed it in – I felt like I would suffocate without it. I knew she was the right person for me, and I hoped I was the right person for her.

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What are the most romantic things you have done to each other?

We were out for Natalie’s birthday, having dinner and looking over some of the recent photos we had taken in the weeks since we had begun spending time with each-other. It was roughly 1 month after we began officially dating, and rather than saying “I love this photo” I said ” I love you”.

And I meant it. I remember Natalie looking sideways at me with a wry smile and look in her eye, and it was so lovely to have finally said it, as I had been waiting for sometime to share with her my feelings.

Shortly after, Natalie told me the same.

The proposal … Tell us everything!

We were on this big trip to Scandinavia, where under the Aurora Borealis, I planned on proposing to Natalie in the snow. Seeing the Northern Lights was and still is on Nat’s bucket list. Unfortunately the lights were not showing for us, and after we came back I eventually proposed to her with hundreds of candles in our apartment. The plan was almost foiled by Natalie finishing work and coming home early – which (despite her being sick) I managed to delay by sending her to get groceries for dinner.

Her reaction was so funny – I knew she was angry coming up the stairs, but all that dissolved when she saw what was happening.

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What are the most romantic things you have done to each other?

We’ve done quite a few romantic things over the years, including surprise gifts and trips. We have taken impromptu trips hundreds of kilometers up the coast only to spend the night and return the next day, 4am trips to Govetts Leap and many more to the rest of the mountains. Photo-frame collages of our greatest memories, and surprise concerts of our favorite bands. The list goes on and on and on.

Your Own Backyard – why this wedding venue above anywhere else?

Glenorie is my family home. For me it represents so much of life that contributes to who I am today. I learnt the value of hard work whilst taking care of the property with my dad. I spent countless days mowing the lawns, tending the gardens and enjoying the fantastic sunsets, whilst sitting on the rooftop chimney. During the autumn and winter I’d wait and watch the maples and liquid amber trees turn from green to gold and then ruby red. I’d spend a few days each winter chopping firewood for the family so that the fireplace would burn constantly through the cold.

Each time I ate fruit or vegetables off the property, or threw a log in the hearth – I relished the joy of living off the land.

Over the years me and Natalie have spent time living there and called it home. Before we bought our new house, we made a perfect little studio room for ourselves in the house; clad with cedar wood, draped with fairy lights and filled with windows and greenery and views to blue skies. It was like a little glimpse of what our future would be.

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Our memories of closeness, comfort and joy are all tied up with light. Fairy lights and soft warm atmospheres, cold winters and cuddly clothes with a raging fire. Those are the feelings we’re hoping our guests will experience.

Also, most of our guests have not attended an outdoor wedding and reception and this will be a novel experience for them too, not just us.

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