Park Hyatt Sydney Wedding Video for Masha & John

Play Video about Park Hyatt Sydney, The Guest House event room was filled with love and jokes at Masha and John's wedding video

Welcome to Park Hyatt Sydney wedding! It’s all been very effortless for them, right from the start. Leisurely weekend breakfasts at home (with John cooking while Masha admires his skills). Falling asleep watching a movie (they never last more than 10 minutes). And generally just loving being in each other’s company. And through all the time they shared their love for each other deepened. Until eventually they reached that point where neither of them could, nor wanted to, imagine their lives without each other intricately part of it.

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?

For long lasting memories and sharing with friends and family who couldn’t to join us on the day. We’d love to hear again our vows and wishes of our dearest guests.

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Why did you pick I Love You Films as your wedding videographer?

We found your style very artistic, elegant and simply beautiful.

You guys … What do you do? How do you spend your days? What’s important in life?

Quality time together.
Breakfasts together every weekend are our tradition.
We love watching TV and fall asleep.

How did you met? What made you fell in love with each other?

We met through friends at a party. Our relationship grown through support and friendship, and good times together. We love to laugh.

Play Video about Post Covid wedding at Park Hyatt Sydney

The proposal … Tell us everything!

And so one day, they started looking at rings together. John chose a design which he then worked on, showing it to Masha now and then to make sure he was on the right track. And then when it was ready, collected it after work one day.
When John got home that night he told Masha he had the ring. She was super excited. She’d been waiting a long time for this moment. She knew it was coming and thought it would happen on new year’s eve, coz she’s totally obsessed with fireworks.
Over the years John’s frequently reminded Masha of the importance of patience. Now was her opportunity to really put it to practice.
Anyway, she was very excited. And because the kitchen was such a mess, decided to wash the dishes while scheming about how she could convince him to propose to her that night. She just didn’t want to wait. And while she was there, in the middle of cleaning one of the greasiest frying pans ever, John came up to her, hair down, looking very Tarzan-like, dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him.
She literally dropped that pan. It was the happiest night ever.

What are the most romantic things you have done to each other?

The proposal.

Park Hyatt Sydney – why this wedding venue above anywhere else?

Park Hyatt Sydney is so elegant and has exceptional service.

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We want our guests to enjoy beautiful Park Hyatt Sydney, good music from . A little bit of Russian luxury – caviar station at welcome drinks and champagne Masha being Russian loves luxury and beauty in everything.

venue Park Hyatt Sydney; photography Inlighten Photography, celebrant Meggan Brummer, makeup Sanaz Fakhra, flowers Mark The Florist, chandeliers Chandeliers To Die For, dress Alina German Atelier, Music & DJ Kahuna Duo

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